How long does it take to receive my completed trays from the time I place an order?
We dispatch every order 24-48 hours after payment is received and most customers receive their packages 4-5 days after the order is shipped.  Once we receive your custom impressions in the mail, please allow 7-10 days to receive your completed trays (about the same length of time as your dentist, but you save hundreds).

If I provide my own impressions or stone models, how much does it cost to have trays  made?
You can order custom trays using your existing stone molds for $27.50 (includes shipping) for 1 complete set (1 upper/1 lower).  Each additional set of trays is only $10 more.  Click here to order.

Can I have my stone tooth models sent to me?
After we have completed your order, your stone models and impressions are retained for 60 days before being discarded.  If you would like your stone models, we can ship them to you at no additional cost upon request. Include a note in the return mailing envelope indicating you would like your stone models and return it with your impressions.

What is the difference between boil and bite and custom-fitted whitening trays?
The ADA recommends custom fitted trays for proper at-home tooth whitening.  Custom bleaching trays are specifically designed to fit only your mouth for comfort and preciseness.  Because they are more precise, they hold the gel right against the teeth and work better to whiten those hard to reach areas.  With custom trays, you will get whiter teeth, faster.

What is the shelf life of the whitening gel?
The shelf life of every whitening gel we carry is approx. 18 months from the date you purchase it unless specified on the package itself.  For best results, store leftover bleaching material in a cool place (below 75° F. - in the fridge if possible) and allow to warm up to room temperature before use. 

How should I store my left-over gel?
Store gel at room temperature, not over 80º F.  If storing for long periods, the strength is best preserved by refrigeration.  If the syringes have been refrigerated, they should be allowed to warm to room temperature before being used again.  Do not freeze the gel syringes.  Protect the syringes from heat and direct sunlight.  Do not use after the date of expiration.  The kits have a shelf life of about 24 months if kept cool.

I need more impression putty, how do I order more?
Additional impression putty can be purchased for a low price of $11.50 including shipping (existing customers only please).  Order here or send a payment via PayPal to and indicate you need additional putty in the payment subject/information field.  Your replacement putty will be shipped to the address on your PayPal account immediately via First Class Mail unless otherwise requested (Note: faster courier service will require additional shipping costs).

Will whitening work if I have veneers?
Veneers are translucent.  While the bleaching gel will not whiten the venner itself, it can whiten the tooth from the back, thus giving a slightly whiter appearance from the front.

Are the whitening results permanent?
Whitening your teeth is generally not permanent.  Results may last from 1-5 years.  Depending upon the amount of stain-causing foods you consume such as coffee, tea, colas, red wine, etc., restaining will occur.

How white can my teeth get?
Depending upon your initial tooth shade, your teeth can be 6 to 10 shades whiter (12-18 hours of use). Bleaching works well but each individual is different and so it is impossible to predict specific results. Approximately 5% of the population will have teeth that may be resistant to bleaching. The number of uses required to achieve maximum results vary by individual and amount of initial discoloration. Bleaching teeth that have large metal fillings may cause the metal color to show through the teeth. 

Is teeth whitening safe?
While teeth whitening has generally been shown to be safe, bleaching gels are not all the same. Calcium White gel does not contain amines, TEA, TRIS, Saccharin, potassium nitrate and excessively acidic solutions. This non-acidic pH bleaching gel provides etch free whitening. The Calcium White gel also contains calcium. This not only helps the teeth, but actually boosts the effects of the whitening ingredients, so outstanding results can be achieved with a gentler solution.

How often should I do touch-up whitening?
Upon completion of the DDS White Bleaching System, we recommend a simple touch-up bleaching program that will help you maintain your new smile. Touch up treatment is designed only to keep your teeth white, not get them whiter. The maintenance program is simple: Wear your custom trays with gel 1-4 hours, once per month. This program is optional and dependant upon your lifestyle habits.

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