Dentist Whitening transforms your image
Beauty experts agree - teeth whitening enhances your appearance quicker than any other treatment. Whether you are getting married, preparing for an important job interview or just want to feel great, teeth whitening will dramatically transform your image. We are proud to offer the most effective custom whitening trays and gel that guarantee dental office results without painful tooth sensitivity, long whitening sessions, or steep dental bills!

Order Teeth Whitening Trays from home
Enjoy the full benefits of professional tooth whitening from the comfort of your own home and pay only 1/3 the cost of visiting your dentist. With our advanced tooth whitening system, it's easy to get a full bleaching in just three easy steps. The results are dramatic, and you save $200.

Safe Teeth Whitening Gel, superior results
Get the best teeth whitening results and love your smile without damaging your teeth! Our system utilizes only the latest and most effective calcium/glycol-based gel technology. When used with our teeth whitening trays, our special Calcium White and 22% carbamide peroxide gel refills ignite your smile quickly and comfortably - up to 8 shades in just three 60-minute sessions.

Try a professional Tooth Whitening System today!
Professional teeth whitening trays with calcium or glycol-based teeth whitening gel will increase your whitening results 300% more than over-the-counter products and give a nice even whitening with minimal effort. You will love how your new smile makes you look and feel!

Superior Quality
Not all custom tooth whitening trays and teeth whitening gel products are created equal! Our dentist-trained lab technicians take painstaking efforts to fabricate superior trays that keep the gel on your teeth longer (and away from your gums). Our specially-formulated teeth whitening gel, when used with our full-sized teeth whitening trays, will give you an image that will you change the way you look and feel about yourself.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed because our mission is to ensure your whitening success with our teeth whitening trays and gel!
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Teeth Bleaching is the Same as Whitening
Teeth bleaching is a term that refers to the process of applying a strong solution of bleaching reagent to the teeth to enhance or increase the overall whiteness of the tooth enamel.

Many people mistakenly believe that there is a difference between and teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. However the process is the same. Bleaching is a popular term because it accurately describes the chemical reaction that occurs during the process.

The reaction that occurs during teeth bleaching is oxidation – wherein oxygen is added and hydrogen atoms are lost from molecules. Tooth enamel that is heavily stained must undergo an oxidation reaction with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is actually the same material that is used in hair dying or bleaching kits and the principle works the same for teeth. However, one must use caution and not experiment using any hydrogen peroxide or over the counter peroxides that are not designed specifically for teeth bleaching; otherwise the materials damage or etch tooth enamel and the solutions may be extremely harmful if swallowed.

Professional teeth bleaching peroxide for use in dental applications is produced in a gel medium, which facilitates the teeth whitening process by allowing the material to stay in close contact with the tooth surface during a sustained period of time. Teeth whitening trays are the most common delivery system for the peroxide bleaching material.
Teeth Whitening Developments
Before dentists started to whiten teeth, the dental community has worked tremendously hard to develop new technologies for advancing the art of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. For decades, new technologies and procedures have continued to emerge.

Great scientific advances have been made in the development of new bonding materials, CAD/CAM technologies, and implants to name just a few.

However, despite all this advancement in technology, doctors and patients alike have continued to become increasingly interested (and perhaps a little obsessed) in cosmetic dental procedures over the last 15 years.

With the development of cosmetic dentistry, perhaps not even professionals in the industry could have predicted the tremendous demand and attention that would come into the field of cosmetic dental procedures when dentists began to whiten teeth.

After whitening strips were introduced at the turn of the century, patients in large numbers began to enquire about other cosmetic procedures. Fueled by popular reality TV shows and clever marketing, cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening has boomed.

Most of this hype, arguably, began when dentists began to whiten teeth and according to professionals, the teeth whitening phenomenon isn’t likely to go away any time soon. According to industry reports, the teeth whitening business is quickly approaching the 2 billion dollar mark - which in the eyes of many is remarkable.
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Custom Teeth Whitening Trays and Bleaching Gel from DDSwhite
Teeth Whitening Trays Kit, Includes 22% Teeth Whitening Gel
Custom Teeth Whitening Trays + 30% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel
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Low Sensitivity Teeth Whitening Gel
30% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel
22% Glycol Based Teeth Whitening Gel
30% Bleaching Gel
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22% Bleaching Gel
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110% Money Back Guarantee
"People say they love how they look and feel after using our professional teeth whitening trays and ZERO sensitivity teeth whitening gel."
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